Why not install a multi-use game area in your school?

  • by Admin
  • April 18, 2018

What is more rejoicing for the school children than getting a chance to play games together in the school? But the hard fact is that many of the city based schools lack proper sporting ground. This force the children to play on the concrete schoolyards or any rough surface available, giving rise to chances of injuries and accidents.

Another fact is that the lack of sporting facilities in the school level discourages the students to take up sports seriously and as a result some buds of the genuine talents don’t blossom up.

MUGA is the solution

A Multi Use Game Area or MUGA from ‘Go Sportz’ can be a very effective solution to fill this lacuna. Once installed it can be a landmark achievement to bring cheers to young students and push your school high in the ranking.

A MUGA is an indoor or outdoor sporting pitch to conduct multiple games. It can be specially designed for schools with multiple line markings for different games.

Go Sportz offer Polyurethane or PU based MUGAs which are generally two layer systems consist of a layer which act as a shock pad to absorb impact and a top surface consisting of rubber granules to provide skid proof pitch and good traction in a variety of bright colors and designs.

We offer a complete in-house design and build service for MUGA construction, from concept to completion, and our services include earthwork, excavation, geotechnics, drainage system and shock pad installation. Our MUGAs come in different colors, logos, geometric shapes and graphics.

  • The system allows exhibition of true & even ball bounce
  • The cushion effect of shock absorbing PU sub-layer reduces players’ fatigue & reduces impact on players’ knees.
  • The surface is anti-skid.
  • It’s top wearing acrylic surface has excellent playing characteristics which responds perfectly to all strokes, ball bounce and speed.

A vividly colorful sight

The pitch can be laid on any hard surface and tailored to fit its size, with vibrant coloring and markings for multiple sports. It also allows the logo of the school to be put in the middle for a design. Once installed it becomes an attractive sight to look at and appealing as much to play on.

Where can a MUGA be installed?

Our PU surfaces can be installed on any flat surface. If you already have an unmaintained field, that can be given an amazing make over. If you do not have a field but have some area within or outside the compound, even that also can be converted into a playing field for multiple games such as small-sided football, basketball, tennis, netball, so on and so forth. The surfaces are heavy duty to absorb practice sessions and matches day in and day out without any difference in performance.