History of badminton sport

  • by Admin
  • May 4, 2018

Badminton is a sport that employs shuttlecocks and rackets, it is been played for centuries in Eurasia. The badminton actually developed as a modern game during 19th century amongst the British. Badminton is a sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net.

The game of badminton dates back to the time, at least 2000 years ago. The origin of the game was a battledore and shuttlecock played in the ancient times of Greece, China and also in India.

This sport has a very long history in Olympics sports. The ancestral home of the Duke of Beaufort originated the name Badminton, from Badminton house in Gloucestershire. This the original place where the sport was played in the last century. The base for the International Badminton Federation is Gloucestershire. Originally started with just nine members in the IBF (international badminton federation), formed in 1934, and included the following countries: Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. After four years the United States joined the IBF. Later, over the next few years the membership increased steadily with a growth in new members after the Olympic Games stared in Barcelona.

The men’s world team championships, also known as the Thomas Cup was the first big IBF (International Badminton Federation) tournament held in the year 1948. After that a number of tournaments were held which were Uber cup (ladies team), world championships, sudirman cup (mixed team), world grand prix finals, world juniors and the world cup. Since the first tournament the number of events has started.

For the sponsorship of the world Grand Prix finals, a $20 million contract was the turning point in badminton’s growth, taken in the year 1994. The international badminton retook the USA (United States of America) in its next phase of rise. The USA was initially the most successful and also an early member of the International badminton federation. The first three events were won by the Americans when the Uber cup was introduced in 1956. Later their interest in the game faded. In United States of America badminton is a familiar and well liked sport, but generally played as a fun game amongst friend and families, in the backyards or beaches on large scale now a days.

Now, there is a change in the interest of this sport and the degree of change is increasing with the increase in the interest. Right after the debut in the Olympic Games sport, badminton has notably leveled up the interest internationally. The sport’s coverage has increased dramatically after the agreement of the STAR TV. The sponsors and the television companies are being captivated with badminton as this sport gives them access or greater connection to the Asian economics.

In today’s time badminton is known as a minority sport in the United States of America, but yet widely played in countries lie Britain, Denmark, Sweden, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and many other countries. About 8% of Britain’s population plays badminton, which are almost 4 million players. In Far East, the badminton is famous as a spectator sports.