Badminton Sport: Techniques and Fine Points

  • by Admin
  • April 21, 2018

Badminton is a sport that employs shuttlecocks and rackets, it is been played for centuries in Eurasia. The badminton actually developed as a modern game during 19th century amongst the British. Badminton is a sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net.

The most common form of this game is played as singles and doubles. The singles are played with single player on each side and doubles are played with a partner i.e. two players on each side. It is often played as an outdoor sport, in a yard, an open ground or a beach. But the formal game is been played on a rectangular indoor court. The points system is placed in a manner that every time the shuttlecock is stroked down on the land, points are scored by the opposite side of the court.

The techniques and fine points for badminton are:

As badminton is known as the fastest racquet sport one has to be quick on their feet and real rapid and sharp. This sport is not just a fun game but also a great cardio exercise for the body. It demands high fitness and great level of stamina. A proper guidance and precise court work is very essential for improved techniques, which helps to play a better game. The first important thing to keep in consideration while playing badminton is a proper grip. The way the player holds a racquet is the first step of starting a good game. Wrongly holding a racquet can reduce the power of the strokes and consumes more energy. This also confines the range of shots. Hence, the player may not himself enjoy the game. The two basic types of grips in badminton are forehand and backhand.

Good footwork is the second important thing to keep in consideration while playing badminton. Right footwork will excel the player to be a winner in the match. Right footwork helps you to get stray shots while the player is maintaining his balance and to dodge the opponent. Badminton requires jumps, skips, bounce, shuffle, gliding and lunging on the floor (badminton court). Hence, correct footwork is required in order to maintain these positions. Adjust the base position keeping the strengths and weakness of the opponent player in mind. The serves needs to be clear as it is the most crucial step of all the badminton strokes. These strokes can be played overhead or underarm, forehand or backhand. Practicing these will help to improve the game to a greater extent. The step to master all the serves is essential, namely high serve, flick serve. Low serve and drive serve.

To ensure an upper hand in game, one must master the badminton drop shots. They are delicate shots which are played with a right placement and timing. They can be played on the forehand and backhand both. The strategy is to move the opponent to the front side of the court so that the mid court and the back court remains free. In badminton the drop shots are of two types, slow and fast drop shots. The deadliest weapon in a badminton game is a smash shot. It becomes very difficult for the opponent to recover the loosing match if the power, speed, angle and trajectory of a smash shot are perfect. The ideal way to hit a smash shot is to hit it in the downwards direction with optimum force.

The badminton net play is an important part of the game that requires extreme refinement. They are delicate shots that involve a sudden change of angle of the racquet to confuse the opponent. The three types of net shots, which are- net shot, net kill and net lift.