Tennis Court Flooring

Tennis courts

There is a big difference when choosing tennis court floorings to play tennis with each court flooring designed to meet standards and Outdoor Tennis court floorings or indoor tennis court features. Tennis court floorings are perfect for playing areas like arenas, professional tennis courts, lawn tennis, racket sports, etc. Whether its women tennis players or men tennis players, the flooring is general for all Types of tennis match tournaments. Rules of modern tennis allow professional tennis players to play on artificial court floorings. However, the Tennis scoring systems, tennis racket, tennis balls and tennis shoes remain the same. Many changes have been adapted in recent times with better artificial floorings for playing racket sport, tennis racket, lawn tennis, and indoor tennis. If you are playing tennis indoors you need a good flooring area with better traction for those sprint moves.

Despite playing tennis with quality tennis balls, tennis rackets, good tennis shoes you would still be far away from playing tennis like the way women tennis players and men's tennis players play professional tennis. The right flooring to play tennis will give you a stronger grip with an easy anti-slide balance.

You can also reduce the amount of injuries that may occur in natural slippery grass surfaces. It is important to remember that tennis court floorings embedded with natural grass, are a huge burden to maintain and also cause heavy costs on club owners or schools and universities, who purchase tennis floor courts, racket sports courts, lawn tennis courts, professional tennis courts for indoor tennis and multipurpose games. A tennis game requires a court flooring to last a long time. Even though tennis games first started off outdoors, the popularity of indoor tennis is at its current rise.

Synthetic artificial floorings

Since the past 40 years, the use of synthetic tennis floor courts to play tennis has taken the game of indoor tennis to a whole new level. Tennis players may choose an ITF approved court flooring for playing tennis. These floorings are synthetic based and treated with granular products. They can also be acrylic for better and higher ball bounce which is necessary for competing in tennis games. Artificial tennis court floorings provide excellent direction to the tennis ball. With the perfect swing of the tennis racket and good momentum, the tennis ball can have the ideal slice, bounce or spin. The hand and leg moment is better with good friction between the surface court floor and the tennis shoes of the tennis player. These indoor court floorings are excellent under weather controlled environments and do not emit any toxic fumes within indoor set up on tennis court playing areas.

Acrylic floorings surfaces

When your gym is not a rubber gym or has any rubber mats or rubber tiles the sheer weight of the gym machines and equipment will grind down on delicate flooring surfaces areas. Wooden floorings for gyms can stay safe only if they are covered with a protective rubber flooring layer or rubber matting and rubber tiles in the gym area. Convert your gym into a rubber gym and save tons of budget for maintenance. Rubber floorings are known for its excellent friction, with gyms and mechanical equipment that work with a lot of vibration normal acrylic surface areas can suffer damage, while rubber floorings absorb the vibration.

Go Sportz rubber floorings

The acrylic surface flooring is an application of layers of layers acrylic material, which is further applied to asphalt or concrete based surface. These acrylic surfaces are well leveled and accurately layered to form a finishing surface area. Here the option for a cushion or no cushion surface area can directly affect the type of shock absorption tennis players can encounter while playing on the tennis court.

Factors that Go Sportz flooring deliver

  • Fastball speed
  • Great ball bounce for tennis balls
  • Balance on the swing with the tennis racket
  • Firm footing on tennis shoes with non-slip traction
  • Higher shock absorbance
  • Cushioning (Optional)
  • We provide tennis rackets, indoor tennis mycobacterial treated courts, tennis balls, tennis nets, etc

Floorings to play tennis

As the years go by the surface becomes smoother and may require a polish to retain its traction. We offer warranties at affordable rates to help polish tennis floors under maintenance protection plans. Our courts are perfect for playing areas where games like indoor tennis, outdoor lawn tennis, racket sports and all indoor sports activities. With good drainage systems, the indoor courts are perfect for running with tennis shoes and not slipping, even if the tennis court was cleaned a while back or shortly after rain in the case of outdoor tennis courts.

Go sportz Synthetic turf features

  • Extremely low on maintenance
  • Durable and easily compatible with Indian climate
  • Resilience and long lasting for indoors
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customizable as per clients or tennis players requirements
  • Cost effective and budget friendly

Quality synthetic tennis courts

Go Sportz offer our clients an opportunity to get the finest synthetic fabricated court floorings that exceed quality markings. Our application of the latest advancements in tennis court floorings is made from superior raw material goods that are processed into genuine quality court flooring. If you think of purchasing a new court flooring to play tennis or replacing your indoor tennis one then switch to Go Sportz for an amazing playing experience. Our tennis playing courts are the best with synthetic and artificial grass surface areas to decide from. Whether it’s playing tennis as professional tennis players or simply installing one in your own home court, our flooring surfaces are built for a high endurance game. We also offer court floorings customized to fit confined areas in schools, colleges, private clubs, garden, offices, stadiums, arenas etc.

Areas of advantage over natural grass

  • No water utility bills for irrigation
  • No high maintenance for repairing patches
  • No flood pools or pothole areas with muddy surfaces
  • Avoid slipping and falling on wet surfaces
  • Resembles the same feeling of playing on grass with synthetic grass options
  • Accurate installations
  • Accepted on international standards by ITF.

Go Sportz tennis courts

Go Sportz offers a huge variety of tennis court floorings ranging from the basic acrylic surface area to acrylic in-situ- cushion systems all the way down to synthetic turfs. Go Sportz is also responsible for the introduction of India’s first synthetic clay court system. In fact, it has been proved that clay surfaces are what shape future professional stars since they are the perfect floorings to learn on. All our tennis indoor and Tennis Court Surfaces for outdoor are widely available with client’s specifications in terms of court, length, size and dimension. With our experience and quality when it comes to tennis courts floors. All our new arrival clients can rest assure that we always deliver as we promise. The time to step up your game and sports fun experience is no. Go Sportz can help you reach your highest level of performance with trustworthy, reliable, durable and stable tennis court floorings.