Squash court flooring

Squash is a very dynamic ball sport that requires fast action in a playing area or arena. The game is filled with supercharged power acceleration and a very consistent abrupt change in the direction. Squash as a game may also involve squash players perform immediate stops and sudden jerks on the body that exerts pressure on the tendons, joints, and muscular area. Squash, whether plating doubles squash or single requires a small confined space in comparison with other games.

With the help of a strong and steady squash court flooring, a clear strong glass wall that is perpendicular to the squash flooring, a pair of good quality squash rackets, a squash ball and you are set to a start a very energetic game.

Go Sportz is involved in making WSF aka (World Squash Federation) standard squash court floorings for multiple playing areas. Squash courts or squash tennis is made of high quality and stronger durability, it is quality and perfection that we offer clients who require a squash court that is manufactured under international quality standards.

The squash court length is 32 feet while the squash court width is 21 feet, the squash court height is 15 feet that is measured from the surface end of the squash surface flooring. Since modern times squash courts and floorings have changed tremendously with new high-quality glass courts being offered with no glare provides perfect visibility for the athletes and the sports fans watching. We offer accurate 9.75 meters (32 feet) squash court lengths, 6.4 meters (21 feet) squash court width, 5.64 meters (15 feet) squash court height, and lastly 11.665m in measurements for squash court diagonals, with no changes or faulty dimensions. Even the back wall that is located at the out of court marking line is 2.13 meters (7 feet). We take the intensity of the game, and a lot of other squash game performance related factors into the highest consideration and apply them in the making of our squash court floorings. Go Sportz is the best deal for better squash game endurance from an athlete making the game more sensational. We always adhere to the quality, technical specifications and the measurements for Squash Court length, squash court width, Squash Court Diagonals and squash court height which are engineered by Go Sportz experts that match international WSF standards.

Doubles squash or single squash floorings

Playing a healthy and good quality sports game like squash doesn't depend on just the athletes, the squash rackets or the Squash balls, but also on the squash courts or as athletes like to call them squash court floorings. The quality of the raw materials used and the manufacturing process by which the squash court is made, directly impacts or degrades the overall performance of the players on the floor. Whether doubles squash or single, the squash court flooring consist of the same standard approved sizing. Go Sportz specializes in the manufacturing and supply of squash courts that have excellent traction for good momentum and quick turns while playing single or doubles squash. We also provide equipment and squash game accessories like squash rackets, squash scoring systems, squash balls, and superb quality squash courts that are perfect for any court flooring or indoor playing area.

Top squash flooring capabilities

Our top flooring for squash courts or even squash tennis is made from the thick natural wood of superior grade quality. These floorings can be accurately installed by us, due to the fact of them being interlocking so they fit perfectly giving a steady durability. The advantage here is that the squash flooring can easily be replaced in damage sports from excessive impact from squash balls or falls and drops of a squash racket, even the interconnected locking, gives a perfect anti-slip ability to the athlete while playing. Even the squash court flooring is layered with rubber pads near the top layer to give that shock absorbing feature required from this heavy workout maneuvering game. This gives perfect rebound for the squash ball and good balance while landing on the squash flooring after that high jump to smash the ball with the squash racket. Due to the cross-layering, the floor is quite elastic and not sensitive to humidity. This is very important since the flooring can even stand exposure to sweat and can be easily cleaned. With the help of rough sanding to make a smooth finish, the court is also sweat absorbent and avoids any type of slippery surface area.

Squash court area managing tips

Squash court areas and their flooring surfaces need a yearly or quarterly maintenance of sanding to give the best smoothness and grip at the same time. Most people incorporate a yearly period to sand courts especially when they are played indoors, in places like a sports club squash court flooring, a hotel squash court flooring, squash court flooring for a school, university squash court flooring, etc. Our squash court flooring surface will end up looking great in your club or indoor playing area and give squash players the best grip while playing. We are distributors of fantastic squash surface paying area that is fabulous to play on, so grab your squash balls and squash rackets and head and play a really good game on Go Sportz designed flooring court surfaces if you wish to feel the maximum potential of your game. Win and raise the score on the Squash scoring systems or simply practice on professional floorings and train yourself to become an expert. Manufacturing squash courts floorings is a job for a specialist like Go Sportz, who has carried out manufacturing squash courts and flooring surface areas for optimized level gameplay.

Go Sportz squash floorings

Go Sportz are experts and skilled manufacturers and suppliers of squash court flooring with huge production of flooring designed for sports activities. We are complete professionals that are reliable with higher grade sports surface standards that ensure all your squash court flooring surfaces are economically priced. We have experts who test on site and in the company for any defects before being marked good for playing on. Our experts improvise engineering designs and innovative technology in squash sports floorings by using the best commodities to furnish a complete high-quality standard squash court flooring to suit our clients. Our wide range of services includes installation and warranty maintenance coverage based on the quality and grade of the court flooring purchased for a squash game. From accessories like squash balls, squash rackets, squash glass, and logo patterned squash floorings are widely available with reasonable market valued rates.

Importance with squash floorings

It is very important that squash floors are specifically designed to accommodate squash floorings with the perfect ability to exceed in the game of squash and not to be used for other activities like gyms, or aerobics. Since this is often found as the reason why most squash floorings get damaged on their surface court. With Go Sportz, quality and appearance go hand in glove. The glass has to be anti-glare so that the glare from the glass does not blind the athlete while playing. The glass should also be visible enough for the audience. With Go Sportz squash court floorings, the quality of the game is more visible with a crystal clear visible line marking area, to help better judgment in the game. Our floorings can stand the rough wear and tear of the game and also help give good traction helping in better stamina to make the game a more professional and endurance based sports activity.