Indoor running track flooring

There are different types of running tracks with different lane measurements. Each lane can have a completely different playing area for track and field athletics, with a different distance or radius from the center field of a stadium or a track field. It all depends on the type of Indoor track and field athletics area an owner can accommodate. Instead of old conventional plain cement tracks. The need for an artificial running surface for a running track is a current demand for both sports for floorings that can accommodate man athletes and women athletes. The purpose of an artificial running surface in a playing area incorporates a lot of benefits ranging from extended physical endurance, balance, foot traction, and good shock absorption. These artificial running surfaces come in standard IAAF approved track floorings for running.

When it comes to craftsmanship with artificial running surfaces, Go Sportz is much advanced in the features and technical specification aspects. Whether the athletes wish to sprint run, jog or simply run, our running tracks provide the best resolution to get the best out of the athlete's performance. Our floorings are also made from the finest raw material with every detail of the lane and measurement of track being taken into consideration.

The measurement of track and the surface is also built in absolute leveling and uniformity. This ensures that any man athletes or women athletes that are participating in a track running sport will have the best performance especially in curves of the track in any given track radius and field area. Indoor flooring for running is made by us with a clear and visible line marking. This can further enhance athletes track running performance with better judgment and perfect running stride. We install accurate indoor running track floorings with multi-lanes for schools, universities, private clubs and colleges and even certain special professional sports events.

Running on a safer track is our priority concern. All our indoor running’s flooring tracks are manufactured and tested for its quality, measurement of track and consistency, anti-slippery properties in the track, running endurance and body balance while making sharp turns on the floor. Hardcore and rough running can cause damage to the running track flooring, especially with constant foot impact while running in the lanes. Our indoor running track floorings are durable and provide the lowest life-cycle budget maintenance costs. Simply with better raw material quality to stand out from other running track floorings and last longer. We have the widest flexibility pertaining to the indoor running track floorings with multi-purpose sports activities like gymnasium, field house, and other sports activities. This is perfect for schools and private centers that have indoor playing areas with a minimum spacing floor surface in a confined playground. Our tracks have versatility and can be installed easily and accurately in any indoor area that requires quality running track flooring. This design in indoor running track flooring gives better resiliency and reduces muscle fatigue. Less muscle fatigue means more stamina for the athlete. Moreover, many running tracks require spike proof from athletes shoes, which are running track floorings can easily withstand and still give excellent traction.

Types of indoor athletic running tracks and floorings

Full pour system:

Here a system is constructed with SBR granules at its bottom and layered with an upper layer of EPDM granules or SBR granules. With the help of this system, the running track floor thickness for an indoor installation can vary as per the requirement by the client. These floorings are generally child safe and are excellent for playing areas where training or amateur running track floors can be set up. This flooring or running track is quite thick from the base to the upper and/ or measurement of the track giving a high-quality shock absorbing feature. This material is an in-situ poured system, so it can also provide customized logos and patterns as per the client's needs.


  • Orasafe

The single layer system:

Go Sportz offers the roll rubber track flooring for running. These running track floorings are excellent in appearance, comfortable and are ideal for long-lasting service. Indoor floorings need to be environmentally friendly and not emit any toxic fumes due to indoor confined playing areas. They are safer with a stronger wear and tear that can stand rough running and foot traffic due to the EPDM homogenous rubber that covers an area subjected to impact from the weight of objects. That is why they are used for indoor and outdoor track surfaces. The best part is the total amount of EPDM granules and recycled rubber can be tailor made as per pocket-friendly budgets. This is perfect for schools and other private indoor areas where the budget is a concern.


  • Oraflex UNI
  • Oraflex ECO
  • Oraflex SOL
  • Oraflex STO

The Two layer system:

The basic advantage of two-layer running track flooring is the base layer has an approximate thickness measured between 3 mm and 10 mm. This system can be used in outdoors as well but is more trending as indoor running track flooring. The advantage here is the minimized maintenance and quick repair tack capability. The two-layer is coated with an EPDM layer at its track surface.


  • Ora”D”6
  • Ora”D”8
  • Ora”D”10

The Sandwich System track and flooring:

These are more common in athletic tracks. These tracks are modified with an upper layer cast to enhance player’s safety from injury to the knee, shin or ankle. They can also be used for training purposes where the chance of slip or injury is more. They consist of genuine prefabricated rubber with an installation of in-situ EPDM layer on its upper surface.


  • Orawich
  • Runner tiles:

These rubber tiles are designed to prevent injury while falling. This works best for recreation and sports clubs where children also have a membership. They can also be installed in schools and colleges. These rubber tiles are a homogenous mixture of synthetic rubber and recycled rubber. They are also safe to install in indoor running areas without emitting any toxic fumes. They are very durable, custom made as per total length requirement and resilient. They are available in a variety of models and sizes as per the installation and size required.

Benefits of indoor running

There are many reasons and benefits to exercise indoors. This also includes relief from stress and a sense of achievement. Indoor running can also benefit athletes and runners who are allergic to dust, UV rays from the sun and many other things. Running inside also lower the risk of physical injury and hurdles such as wind factor etc that can actually reduce the performance speed of a runner. Even climate temperatures if too hot or cold can also impact the stamina and endurance of an athlete while running in the track lanes.