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Whether you are looking to set up a new squash arena or you need to renovate or maintain your existing facility , GO SPORTZ- Squash is your ONE STEP SOLUTION.

Go Sportz has partnered with ASB, the world leader in Squash Facilities.ASB supplies to most of the important tournaments in the world such as The world Championship, PSA Masters Events &The Commonwealth Games. Go Sportz prides in its alliance with ASB to provide you with nothing but the highest quality of squash courts.

Go Sportz is proud to be associated with the SQUASH &RACQUETS FEDERATION OF INDIA &THE TAMIL NADU SQUASH ASSOCIATION. With over 150 courts serviced across the country we have some of the most prestigious squash Facilities as our clients such as:

The Cricket Club of India, Otters Club, Willingdon Club, Delhi Gymkhana, The Indian Squash Academy, The Calcutta Squash &Racket club, Daly College, Bangalore Club, Karnataka State Cricket Association, Jammu Club to name a few.

Go Sportz is also equipped with providing high quality international standard surface and infrastructure for sports like tennis, basketball, handball, indoor & outdoor sports as well as flooring for gymnasium and corporate spaces. With a varied range of experience, Go Sportz is capable of providing you with complete solutions for your needs. Know More


We have a 360 DEGREE approach to the services we provide. Following a project from Conception to installation & offering value based consulting at each step, allows us to be your one stop solution.


One setting up new facilities

Not only do we provide for your infrastructural needs, we also provide consultancy for:

  • Planning Infrastructure
  • Design layout
  • Cost Analysis
  • Help recruit staff & Coaches

New court installation

Go Sportz brings to you squash courts that can be customized to suit your budgets & facilities.

Our Planning and Design team pays attention to your specific needs and by using the latest technologies at our disposal we deliver the finest results.

In partnership with ASB, Go Sportz provides specialized squash floors and walls that are durable with WARRANTIES OF UP TO 10YEARS.

We offer a range of materials that cater specifically to each of the surface in a squash facility.

For walls we have:

  • Squash Court Plaster
  • Panelled wall
  • Glass

ONE MAY CHOOSE ACCORDING TO THEIR REQUIREMENT, ANY COMBINATION OF THESE 3 MATERIALS PROVIDED. for e.g. Panelled for the front wall, plastered for the side walls and a glass back wall.

For Floor:

  • Low Maintenance PU Floor
  • Traditional Solid wood
  • New Age Engineered wood

Maintenance plans

For your investment to last as long as it possibly can, we have various Maintenance Plans. From ECO to PREMIUM we can offer a range of plans. We can also devise a CUSTOM PACKAGE based on your specific needs.

Out of all the areas of a sqush court, the front wall endures maximum impact and hence experience maximum wear and tear. Our maintenance Programme ensure that this surface complies with the recommended standard of performance and has a long life.

Renovation packages

With the Go Sportz renovation packages, you can now convert your existing courts into a world class facility.

We can offer BASIC UPGRADE PACKAGES TO COMPLETE RENOVATION. The renovation package would include analyzing the existing court & suggesting the appropriate packages.

Squash Court Plastered courts tend to show wear, especially the front wall, sooner than they should & need constant repair & then refurbishment. GO Sportz has the ASB System 40 front Wall system which takes care of this problem. With extended warranties this makes it a very cost effective solution in long term.

Accessories & peripheral infrastrucutre

Other than your basic surfaces, Go Sportz also provides for all your infrastructure needs such as:

  • Lighting
  • Stadium Seating
  • Lockers
  • Digital scoreboards and much more…

Go Sportz has also introduced TOP SQUASH which is a unique scoreboard. This can be incorporated in the sound board. it makes the sound board attractive, gets the watcher interested, can be used for advertising, while also configuring it for playing different formats

Business planning & help run your business

At Go Sportz, we believe in BUILDING PARTENRSHIP. Partnership that are firm, enduring and Based on trust.

If you want to set up a center, Go Sportz can help plan the layout and also provide a business plan for generating revenue with different formats as well as provide peripheral revenue generating options.

With our close association with top squash COACHES & INSTITUES we can help in setting up a coaching programs as well as help bring tournaments to the location.

Suitable Surface :-

  • Sports Parquet Flooring
  • Polyurethane Seamless

Go Sportz works with Haro Sports

HARO sports parquet has been approved for first-level competition and is used at Olympic Games and World Cups!

With over 50 years of experience in the manufacture, sale, installation and care of sports floors, from the Olympic Games in Munich 1972 to professional basketball clubs, universities, fitness centres up school sports halls, Haro Sports is a worldwide leader in sports parquet flooring. In India, all the top squash clubs, including the Indian Squash Academy, Chennai, the Siri Fort Complex, New Delhi & various other squash clubs (CCI, Bombay Gymkhana, Delhi Gymkhana, Madras Club, Calcutta Racquets & Squash Club) use the Haro Sports Floor. There are more than 100 courts with the Haro floors installed.

Wood species

HARO sports parquet is available in four different wood species: Canadian Maple, Beech, Ash and Oak for wooden Squash court flooring, our Fitness Series additionally in African Oak and Merbau. The factory grading displays the natural diversity of the wood’s colour and texture, thus giving a unique look.


It is the quality of the finish that counts. The surface finish is the floor’s actual wear layer. It must be perfectly fitted. HARO offers two different surface finishes for wooden Squash court flooring. The proven HARO PERMADUR Finish has ideal properties for most sports disciplines and a multi-purpose use of the hall. HARO SST Special Finish with depth impregnation was developed primarily for squash and racquetball courts.

This system consists of a polyurethane-bond granular rubber shockpad which is bonded to the sub floor with a solvent free adhesive. The porous rubber layer is then completely sealed with a polyurethane material. Once this layer has cured, seamless self leveling layers are applied in one of the many color options. A matt top coat is then applied to the surface before finally applying the games line marking for single or multi sport.

  • Point Elastic
  • Area Elastic
  • Combi Elastic
  • Outdoor Polyurethane