Fitness & Gym

Gosportz provides all possibilities for every area of the gym. Aerobics, Cardio, Free Weight, Wet Areas or even the entrance lobby. From a home gym to the largest of commercial Fitness Centres, Gosportz has a variety of options available. Know More

Indoor Suitable Surface :-

  • Polyurethane Seamless
  • EVA Cusion System
  • Rubber System

This system consists of a polyurethane-bond granular rubber shockpad which is bonded to the sub floor with a solvent free adhesive. The porous rubber layer is then completely sealed with a polyurethane material. Once this layer has cured, seamless self leveling layers are applied in one of the many color options. A matt top coat is then applied to the surface before finally applying the games line marking for single or multi sport.

  • Point Elastic
  • Area Elastic
  • Combi Elastic
  • Outdoor Polyurethane

EVA is a copolymer of ethylene any vinyl acetate which combines large chains of atoms of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen, & forms molecules which possess unique properties. The ethylene gives EVA its rigidity, while the vinyl acetate gives it enormous flexibility. These properties make it one of the materials most suited for use as high quality technical flooring.

Go Sportz offers this exclusive flooring product meant for various applications in health clubs. The hardness, flexibility, densities, resistance to pressure and abrasion can be adjusted during the manufacturing to result in a homogenous finish with different colors, original finishes & diverse structures.

Go Sportz is the only company in India which offers this extensive range.

Go Sportz exhibits a whole range of innovative rubber flooring systems for the first time in India. Our high quality resilient rubber flooring products are suitable for the recreational and sports surfacing markets. Floor Zone ensures a premium quality surfacing product tailor made for any kind of application.

Single layer system

Our range of Roll Rubber Flooring has excellent features to enhance the look, feel & life of your floor. It is an environmentally friendly, homogenous EPDM/recycled rubber floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear. The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal make it the true perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. With varying recycled rubber & EPDM combinations any budget can be matched.

Product Options :-

  • Oraflex ECO
  • Oraflex UNI
  • Oraflex STO
  • Oraflex SOL

Two layer system

Go Sportz is the first company in India to offer such a system. The advantage of this system is that the base layer can be varied in thickness from 3 mm to 10 mm based on the particular application as well as the budget of the client. This system is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor application. No special maintenance is required & can be repaired easily, thus enhancing the life of the surface.

This consists of a prefabricated rubber mat with an EPDM layer on top.

Product Options :-

  • Ora”D”6
  • Ora”D”8
  • Ora”D”10

Sandwich system

This system is suited for athletic tracks, but with a slight modification in the way upper layer is cast it can also be used as a multisport outdoor area, where safety of the players (normally children) is of greater importance.

This system consists of a prefabricated rubber mat with an insitu EPDM layer on top

Product Options :-

  • Orawich

Full pour system

This is a poured on site system consisting of SBR granules as a base & a top layer consisting of SBR coloured or EPDM granules.

The advantage of this system is that the thickness of the base as well as top layer can be completely varied depending on the requirement. This is particularly suitable for children’s play areas where a higher thickness & greater shock absorption is required. Being an insitu poured system, it also gives the flexiblity to create patterns & designs.

Product Options :-

  • Orasafe

Rubber Tiles

Designed to attenuate the shock of a child falling from a designated height. Homogenous recycled & synthetic rubber construction that produces a resilient, durable, environmentally safety surface designed to reduce the risk of injury.Available in several models & sizes supplied in a terrific color range to suit any private or public environment.

Certified to ASTM F1292 / EN 1177 / AS/NZSS 1422. Slip Resistant to exceed ADA requirements.

Basic Version - made of black recycled rubber, colored with a pigmented MDI polyurethane binder.

Basic+ Version - made of black recycled rubber, colored with a liquid rubber coating.

Royal Version - made of a black recycled rubber base, covered with a colored EPDM rubber top layer, all bound by a clear MDI polyurethane binder.

Galaxy Version - made of black recycled rubber, colored with sprinkled EPDM rubber granules, all bound by a clear MDI polyurethane binder.

Designer Version - made of a 100% colored Synthetic EPDM Sheet Rubber Top and Recycled Rubber Base

Jazz Version - made of a blend of colored Synthetic EPDM + Black Rubber Sheet Top and Recycled Rubber Base