Badminton – A Traditional Indian Sport

Badminton, in India has been played for many years. It was introduced in India by the British Army officers & since then has gone on to become the second most popular sport in India (after Cricket). India has produced some great International Players viz. Syed Modi, Prakash Padukone & Pulela Gopichand.. The later two having the distinction of being the only two Indians to have won the All England Championship.

With the current crop of talent, Indian has become a force to reckon with in the International Badminton circuit. Some of the top players who have done India proud include Chetan Anand, Jwala Gutta, P V Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth, Parupalli Kashyap and many more reputed athletes.

Badminton has grown in popularity also due to the fact that it is able to burn calories very quickly without realizing. Hence it has become popular as a recreational sport as well, besides kindling the ambitions of the young who want to emulate the heroics of their idols. Also being included the Olympics & having amongst us, PV Sindhu, the current Olympic Silver medalist has added to the fervour.

Superior Badminton Court Floorings

With every badminton court, it's not just the player's performance but also the flooring and equipment used that can change the output of a game. Choosing the right floor is an important aspect of producing good play. The floor directly upgrades the level of performance and endurance of an athlete, with better shock absorption, grip & resilence. Go Sportz is a company that provides the necessary consultation on choosing the right floor depending on the level of play, with other accessories such as nets and badminton equipment if needed. We offer warranties as well as undertake maintenance to extend the life of your investment

Badminton court surfaces

Our Badminton Court Floorings are made from the best raw materials sourced from quality vendors. Once we test these raw materials for its technical specifications and adaptivi features, we combine these elements in our manufacturing assembly and process and supply our clients with genuine high quality court surfaces. We offer Vinyl floorings, PolyUrethane Floors as well Solid & Engineered wood floorings for all levels of badminton.

Types of Badminton floors :-

Badminton wooden court Floorings

Synthetic badminton court Floorings

Synthetic badminton court Floorings

Synthetic badminton court floorings offer a great grip and balance when played on. They have strong resistance to wear and tear and are do not suffer from pesticide issues. The floor also is environmentally friendly and do not stain easily. They also have excellent shock absorption & are low on maintenance.

Wooden indoor badminton courts

As a wooden court manufacturer, we only use the finest wood timber. Wood courts use special sports wood lacquer with a PU line marking. They offer excellent shock absorption for better athlete performance. These wooden surfaces enhance the look of the badminton arena & can be used for indoor sports & events. *Note: You can always mix the two by building a wooden flooring for the base with a synthetic placed.

Badminton court flooring benefits

Whether it's playing your favorite badminton game indoors or outdoors, on wooden or synthetic floors the game calls for strength, shuttlecock and net judgment, stamina, agility, speed, good motor skills, quick decision making, sprinting, jumping and strong skill sets. With a better wooden or synthetic flooring surface, an athlete can easily play to their highest potential and actually make the game more challenging. This is the most important feature that attracts players to select playing on those particular floors. This is an important note for all commercial, public sectors and club administrations who wish to build a badminton court flooring.

Go Sportz Surface Badminton floorings

Go Sportz Surfaces are perfect for application in every location, schools, clubs, residential societies, corporate offices or any other space where badminton is to be played.

Go Sportz offer floorings which are safe for even kids to play badminton on. The floors are designed not be slippery so the chances of falling are diminished. The Badminton court floorings for these courts are made with international marking standards and pass through a number of quality and safety tests before being marked fit for service.

Why pick Go Sportz floorings?

  • For he best products with great quality to maximize the comfort level for the athlete.
  • To have a variety of flooring options
  • For a customized technical product to match your requirements
  • For Termite treated indoor flooring solutions.
  • For Personalised colour combinations
  • For specialized finishes to suit the sport
  • Trained installation & Service team

Go Sportz Badminton Court Floorings provide

  • Badminton games floor installation and consultancy advice
  • Availability of indoor and outdoor flooring at affordable market rates
  • International quality and safety adherence
  • Certified by BWF(World Badminton Federation) quality standards for stadiums, arenas, etc
  • Additional onsite inspection
  • Fast delivery and quick response time
  • Accurate installation by professionals
  • Low maintenance and stain resistant sports flooring
  • Extended Warranties

So why wood floorings?

Wood Badminton surfaces are hard wearing surfaces & long lasting. Normally used in large halls. The base structure is made of soft wood runners with shock absorbing rubber pads. These support the counter floor & the real wood top surface. The area elasticity provided by the indoor wooden Badminton floors gives the necessary confidence to the players to play without fear of injury or fatigue. This flooring, to summarise, is excellent for indoor badminton surfaces.

So why Vinyl / PU / Synthetic floorings?

If you are looking for a floor with low maintenance, then look no further Vinyl / PU sports floorings have a thickness range from – 4 mm to 12 mm. They also have excellent shock absorbancy. These Vinyl / PU floors have been tested for its features and technical specifications of the BWF (World Badminton Federation) and have been deemed excellent for training and also for professional play.

Vinyl floors are normally used as the top floor in all major badminton championships. These are temporary floors set up in large halls. Vinyl floors provide the necessary grip for the severe movements of the Badminton players. Our Vinyl floorings are known for its extended lifespan and top performance Badminton floors. We also offer our customers a wide choice of colours and custom sizes to best help suit their requirements.

Suitable Surface :-

  • Sports Parquet Flooring
  • Polyurethane Seamles
  • Vinyl System

Go Sportz works with Haro Sports

HARO sports parquet has been approved for first-level competition and is used at Olympic Games and World Cups!

With over 50 years of experience in the manufacture, sale, installation and care of sports floors, from the Olympic Games in Munich 1972 to professional basketball clubs, universities, fitness centres up school sports halls, Haro Sports is a worldwide leader in sports parquet flooring. In India, all the top squash clubs, including the Indian Squash Academy, Chennai, the Siri Fort Complex, New Delhi & various other squash clubs (CCI, Bombay Gymkhana, Delhi Gymkhana, Madras Club, Calcutta Racquets & Squash Club) use the Haro Sports Floor. There are more than 100 courts with the Haro floors installed.

Wood species

HARO sports parquet is available in four different wood species: Canadian Maple, Beech, Ash and Oak, our Fitness Series additionally in African Oak and Merbau. The factory grading displays the natural diversity of the wood’s colour and texture, thus giving a unique look.


It is the quality of the finish that counts. The surface finish is the floor’s actual wear layer. It must be perfectly fitted. HARO offers two different surface finishes. The proven HARO PERMADUR Finish has ideal properties for most sports disciplines and a multi-purpose use of the hall. HARO SST Special Finish with depth impregnation was developed primarily for squash and racquetball courts.

This system consists of a polyurethane-bond granular rubber shockpad which is bonded to the sub floor with a solvent free adhesive. The porous rubber layer is then completely sealed with a polyurethane material. Once this layer has cured, seamless self leveling layers are applied in one of the many color options. A matt top coat is then applied to the surface before finally applying the games line marking for single or multi sport.

  • Point Elastic
  • Area Elastic
  • Combi Elastic
  • Outdoor Polyurethane

Our special heterogeneous PVC floorings posses innovative characteristics, which assure unique advantages to the palyer, both from point of technical details and appearance. A cross-linked polymer system in the wear layer, assures the easy maintenance and high wear resistance in the whole life time of the product.

The PVC flooring can be installed very easily and fast, due to their high flexibility, it needs no periodical maintenance. It is perfect option for places where budget is a constraint but a good sports surface is required.

  • Orasport 45
  • Orasport 60
  • Orasport 80

The PVC flooring is an ideal floor, especially in multi sport areas. Badminton court kits can be designed such that it can be layed temporarily in large halls for a specific period or event.